Why Digital Mailroom?

Its industry-leading combination of virtual addresses, digitized mail, and other business technology services

By David Seidman

DMR Virtual Mailbox screen Digital Mailroom puts your mail on screen.

You’ve got competitors. So do we. And we outdo them.

One of our competitors may have as many virtual addresses as we do, or another may offer an online notary service like our Exela Remote Notarization; but no single rival gives you all of our advantages.

Here are some services we offer that most of our competitors don’t.


Digital Mailroom offers dozens of virtual addresses at highly secure, fully staffed, high-tech mail processing facilities.

Virtual Mail processing center A Digital Mailroom mail center.

Check deposit via mail

Digital Mailroom offers check deposit at very low rates (five of your incoming checks per month for free and additional checks at rates as low as $1.25).

Check deposit via direct deposit

Digital Mailroom offers instant, electronic direct deposit.

Virtual Mail Check deposit You’ll see checks on your screen as they arrive.


Digital Mailroom and our parent company, Exela, have a long list of prestigious clients (Digital Mailroom serves Yelp, Bitly, and Upwork, among others; Exela has provided business process automation to 60% of the Fortune 100).

Data export

Digital Mailroom lets you access all your data quickly, via rule-based, secure transport.

Virtual Mail redaction You can redact confidential passages in incoming mail for extra security.

Data extraction

Digital Mailroom provides a premium service, DMR Plus, that automatically extracts key data from your documents and inputs it to your systems. LINK

Electronic document signing

Digital Mailroom offers an e-signing service (Exela DrySign).


Digital Mailroom and Exela have four decades of experience in the mail business.

Intelligent character recognition (ICR)

Digital Mailroom has an ICR system that can read both typed and handwritten text.

Intelligent document processing (IDP)

Digital Mailroom uses proprietary technology—e.g., our patented process for sorting scanned pages—to handle documents.


Digital Mailroom supports eight languages.

Online notary service

Digital Mailroom provides clients with online notaries for document signing.

Page scans

Digital Mailroom offers up to 10,000 scans per month at no extra charge.


Digital Mailroom offers pricing plans that start as low as $9.00 per month. LINK


Digital Mailroom scans millions of document images and processes millions of dollars in checks every month. Exela serves 4,000 customers in more than 50 countries.


Exela has built its own scanners, including the fastest scanner on the market. Virtual Mail High Speed Scanner The Exela IntelliScan XDS2.


Digital Mailroom operates mail centers that meet or exceed HIPAA, SSAE 18, SOC 2, HITRUST, and Veracode security standards.


Digital Mailroom serves customers of any size at any location in any industry on any computer system.

Not only do we outdo our competitors, we can help you outdo yours. To find out how, contact us.