About Us

Four Decades of Mail Management Expertise

Built on our industry leading automation platforms.

An idea is born

When business went digital in the '90s, managers ignored one area Mail. Handling mail was slow, costly, and prone to errors.

We set out to fix the problem.

Exela pioneers mailroom transformation

Some of our clients

  • A finance firm moving correspondence from paper to digital while juggling inconsistent office systems
  • The state of Texas, payments, prices, or purchases.
  • A retailer that couldn't control its invoices,payments, prices, or purchases.

Battling COVID-19

When the pandemic hit, we created a Rapid Response model to help businesses address a fast-escalating crisis.

  • One of America's largest banks sent 55,000 employees home without warning. Customer service slowed down as incoming mail piled up.
  • A health insurer sent workers home but still had to distribute 550,000 pieces of mail per month.
  • A law firm needed to get documents to work-from-home attorneys while keeping the contents private and protected.

Enterprise class solutions for small companies

We've built and managed entire mailrooms at big companies for over 30 years, but that solution was out of reach for small firms.

So we decided to change that. Our Digital Mailroom SMB solution offers the same service we supply to giant enterprises, at a price that makes it accessible to millions of small companies.

More, bigger, better, together!

Today, with mailrooms and virtual addresses nationwide, we're rapidly growing among small and midsize businesses in the US while expanding into Europe, starting with the UK, France, and Germany .

Technology perfected for you

We build our own hardware and software that can seamlessly handle all your digitization needs.

High-capacity feeders that can accept 1,500 items at a time

Automated document identification and sorting

Data extraction and classification software

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Email us at dmr@exelatech.com